14 Shocking Ingredients in The Food From Your Grocery Store

Fruit Juice

Some juices on the market, specifically orange and apple flavours, were discovered to contain carbendazim, a chemical commonly found in pesticides and alternatively referred to as arsenic.

The chemical itself has been banned in the US, however manufacturers quickly discovered loopholes, allowing them to import juice from countries that are still able to use carbendazim in their products.

Poison aside, many juices may also be unsuitable for vegans or vegetarians, due to the fact any juice that has been fortified with Omega 3 fatty acids will contain fish and lanolin.

Refried Beans

Refried beans often contain lard or animal fats, which makes them unsuitable for vegans, vegetarians or those following kosher diets. They’re also not ideal for anyone keeping an eye on their blood pressure or cardiovascular health.


During the manufacturing process, the dough is conditioned using L. Cysteine, an amino acid derived from duck feathers, along with hair from pigs and humans. Additionally, many breads on the market contain enriched-flour, which contains potassium bromate, a known carcinogen.

Diet Soda

It’s no secret that diet soda is unhealthy, due to the artificial sweeteners it contains such as aspartame, however many people don’t realise what these sweeteners actually consist of.

Aspartame is derived from the defecation of E. coli bacteria, and has been proven to cause a risk of disease, such as lupus and multiple sclerosis.


Store-bought breakfast muffins have been found to contain cellulose to bulk up their fiber content, however this seemingly harmless ingredient actually consists of wood pulp and cotton.

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