8 Low Calorie Foods You Must Stop Eating

Low-Fat Cheese

Full fat cheese may have more overall calories and fat content, however the fats it contains aren’t necessarily bad for you. Full fat cheese, in moderation, is perfect for fighting hunger pangs, as it contains equal parts fat and protein, leaving you fully satisfied.

Diet Soda

Diet soda is possibly the biggest culprit in this scenario. Many soda-loving dieters make the switch to diet after resolving to lose weight, but they don’t realise the effects diet beverages can have on their bodies.

While it’s true that diet drinks are low in calories and they do satisfy your craving for sugar, thanks to chemical sweeteners, you may be better off simply selecting the full fat version and limiting the amount your drink.

Artificial sweeteners are prone to confusing the body, triggering insulin and subsequently your body’s ‘fat storage mode’, leading to weight gain. Your body thinks it is consuming sugar, and acts as such. Not to mention the fact your body will also become desensitised to natural sugars, for example, those found in fruit.

Diet soda is also associated with type 2 diabetes. One diet soda a day resulted in a 36% higher risk of developing the condition. It may also trigger headaches or migraines, due to its aspartame content.

Finally, you may think you’re saving your teeth by enjoying sugar-free beverages, but the citric acid found in diet soda is just as capable of destroying tooth enamel. In fact, a study published in the General Dentistry journal compared the mouths of regular diet soda drinkers to the mouths of cocaine and methamphetamine users. The results showed similar levels of erosion in each.

By making a few simple dietary changes, you can avoid these negative side effects and create a better, well-balanced diet that will ensure you get in shape the healthy way.


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