7 Public Places Where You Can Easily Get Diseases


Toilet Seats

On average, there are around 50 types of bacteria per square inch of a toilet seat. While the possibility of catching sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia or herpes, is commonly heard, this is actually a myth. While it’s not technically impossible, it is so unlikely that it’s often not even considered worth discussing by medical professionals. However, you can still run the risk of E. coli infections or similar viruses.

Shopping Carts

A study at the University of Arizona discovered that almost two-thirds of shopping carts are home to more bacteria than an average public restroom.

Simply rub the handle with a disinfectant wipe or some sanitizer on a tissue to prevent any underlying viruses from spreading. Furthermore, whilst grocery shopping, avoid the free food samples, as you don’t know how many peoples’ fingers have come into contact with the items on the tray. If you really want to try a product, just buy it. The cost of the item will be worth not having to risk your health.

Doctors’ Offices

This one may seem obvious, as a doctor’s office waiting room is bound to be full of people seeking help for their various illnesses, some of which are likely to be infectious.

As they touch the items within the surroundings, bacteria and germs will be placed on surfaces, which can then contaminate you upon contact.

Which diseases can be commonly caught?

The Common Cold and Influenza

These viruses can live on a surface for around three days, although possibly longer if the surface is not cleaned regularly. Affected surfaces could be anything, from a doorknob to your cell phone.

To avoid these specific illnesses, it’s important to avoid touching your face, mouth, eyes or nose after touching potentially infected surfaces, as the viruses are spread easily through mucous membranes.

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