14 Foods That Are Dangerous To Eat

Pre-Packaged Cookies

Many store-bought cookies contain partially hydrogenated cooking oil, as well as white flour, sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors and a high level of preservatives, none of which are healthy. Many cookies, such as Girl Scout cookies, even contain trans-fats, even when the box states that they don’t.

If you can’t go without your cookie fix, try to source cookies that contain high oleic oils instead of trans-fats, or simply bake your own at home.

Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizzas can cause you to exceed your daily recommended intake of salt with just one slice! They’re also likely to contain MSG and nitrates, as well as the palm or corn oils and sugar found within the sauce.

For a healthier, yet still indulgent option, make your own pizza and select your toppings wisely.

Boxed Cereals

Boxed cereals are another source of MSG, along with high amounts of sugar, artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, GMO corn and sulfuryl fluoride – a chemical toxic gas used to store oats and cereals while in the factory.

Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing is an American staple, known for its use on everything from burgers to salads, even as dip for vegetables.

It isn’t healthy, however, as just a tablespoon of ranch dressing contains over 75 calories, as well as being full of far, sugar, modified food starch, artificial flavors and colors and malt dextrin.

Additionally, for the little more daring amongst us, there are risks when travelling too. You may be tempted to try the local delicacies in exotic destinations, however this could cause illness, putting a dampener on your vacation or even be fatal.

Local specialities that are probably best avoided include raw cashews, elderberries, fugu (puffer fish), cassava, blood clams, casu marzu, African bullfrog, hakarl, ackee and sannakji.

While trying new foods, or even indulging in treats closer to home, is tempting, there are healthier, equally delicious alternatives available that won’t result in harm to your body. Take the time to hunt for new products and recipes that can recreate the feeling of indulgence without filling your insides with dangerous ingredients.

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