6 Foods You Should Only Eat Home Cooked


In the last fifty years our eating habits have changed. We have become families that eat out, order in, drive through and eat in the minivan on the way to the next sporting event, dance recital, or lesson.

A century ago in North America all of us ate local, organic food; grass-fed, real, whole food.
A hundred years ago there was no such thing as a fast-food restaurant. There was no junk food—unless you counted homemade popcorn. There was no frozen food because there were no freezers.

What we ate was what your mother or grandmother cooked from scratch. There were no pre-packaged foods.
Most meals were eaten at home around a kitchen table. Everyone was present.

Today home cooked meals and families sitting down together are rare.
Common sense and science have told us that healthy bodies need the right raw materials. These raw materials should include whole, organically grown, local; fresh, unprocessed, and chemical-, hormone- and antibiotic-free food. What we eat should contain littletrans fats and high-fructose corn syrup, or processed food.

There are some foods you should not even consider unless they are home cooked.

Anything Containing Salad Dressing

Commercial salad dressings are full of ingredients intended solely to keep the dressing from spoiling on the shelf. Others ingredients merely improve texture. Avoid foods using commercial dressings. Many of these foods have sat too long and could cause food poisoning. At home prepare your own simple dressings. It is fast, easy, and not full of trans fats! Use seasonings like garlic powder, Dijon mustard and minced shallots. Making your own dressing is better for you and helps control calories too. Many can be stored in your refrigerator for at least a week.


There are over a hundred cereal choices in most grocery stores. Most of them are not good for you. They are high in sugars, starches, fats and salt. Instead, create your own granola or muesli mix. You have control over the ingredients. Homemade granola will last at least a week. It’s cheaper, healthier, and tastier.

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