7 Psychological Tricks To Get Better At Work – Work Less And Better!


Sticking to a 9-to-5 schedule can be a very daunting task as well, especially if you have a redundant office job and you feel like the work-related stress is finally starting to get to you. Did it ever happen to you to realize that you simply cannot focus on your projects, or that your mind is playing tricks on you? Do you feel like you constantly wake up tired and that this affects your productivity at work? If so, then here you will find several useful yet efficient tips and tricks that will not only help you boost your productivity and performance at your workplace, but will also help you work less and better!

1. Persuade Other People To Help You

Unfortunately, persuasion is often misunderstood nowadays and people often view it as a negative thing, but it does not necessarily have to be like this. If you feel like you really have too many projects on your hands and you simply cannot cope with your demanding job anymore, then one of the easiest and most efficient things you can do is to influence other people and determine them to help you.

Everything comes down to the concept of reverse psychology: all you need to do in order to resolve an issue is to transfer the ownership of the problem! For instance, if you have several co-workers whose job duties and responsibilities are similar to yours, you can easily talk them into helping you. Even if you are frustrated, make sure to do this in a polite and respectful manner – using a critical tone will only make them uncomfortable and push you farther away from achieving your goal.

2. Cut Down All The Noise

One of the most commonly overlooked factors that can negatively impact your productivity at work is loud noise. Noise can trigger the “Fight or Flight” stress response in our bodies – we are genetically programmed to produce two stress-related chemicals known as epinephrine and cortisol, both of which cause us to feel anxious and scared.

If you work in a loud office with numerous phones ringing all the time and copy machines that seem to work non-stop, then now it is time to do something about that. You can easily cut down the nose levels with some sound-absorbent material, lining walls or even thick curtains designed to soak up all the street sounds. Turn your office space into your little oasis of relaxation where you can work peacefully and undisturbed, away from all the outside disruptions that will affect your concentration.

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