6 Alarming Signs The Hidden Stress Is Killing You


3. Skin Conditions

Dermatological problems are usually the first signs that you are too stressed and that you need to do something about that. That being said, skin rashes are usually triggered by stress – while it is true that sometimes they can be a symptom of allergy or they can be triggered by another underlying condition, the excessive production of cortisol inside your body usually has that effect on your skin. As mentioned above, stress slowly “eats away” your body’s Vitamin C supplies, and it is known that this vitamin is essential for the correct functioning of your immune system.

An impaired immune system is less efficient when it comes to battling certain skin infections, such as staph infections, which are known to cause extensive and bothersome body rashes. These rashes can take different forms, but they usually present themselves as red and itchy – moreover, it is not uncommon for highly stressed individuals to also experience eczema or even severe acne outbursts. If you experience any of these conditions, then you can always try an over-the-counter moisturizer designed to calm your skin, and if the rashes persist or worsen over the course of a week, then you should get in touch with your dermatologist.

4. Cognitive Signs Of Stress

The mental and cognitive signs of stress are slightly different, and the latter usually include memory loss, poor judgement, lack of concentration, a predominantly negative and pessimistic view on life, constant worrying and such. Although most adults experience these cognitive issues at a certain point in their lives, they tend to be temporary and mild to moderate in severity. If the symptoms persist over an extended period of time and you feel that they interfere with your life and your daily tasks, then you should seek professional assistance – it often happens that these symptoms can be easily reversed with a balanced diet, regular physical exercise as well as some mild antidepressants.

5. Behavioral Changes

One of the main characteristics of stress is the fact that it tends to affect you on all levels: after triggering a series of cognitive, emotional and physical responses, stress can also cause some significant behavioral changes. For instance, avoiding responsibility or constant procrastination are two of the most common signs. On the other hand, stressed people are more likely to resort to cigarettes, alcohol and other vices, as they often feel that smoking, drinking or taking drugs helps them unwind and take their mind off of the daily worries. Unfortunately, this effect is often only temporary.

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