6 Alarming Signs The Hidden Stress Is Killing You


  Stress is commonly referred to as the “Silent Killer”, and for a good reason given the fact that it is one of the deadliest diseases of the 21st century, in addition to obesity. Unfortunately, all people experience stress to a certain level – some of them, especially mothers, deal with family-related stress while other people cope with work-induced stress. Regardless of what causes you to feel anxious, stress and depressed, it is important to relax and let off all the steam before it starts to take its toll on your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

A Brief Overview Of Stress – What Is It And What Causes It?

Stress is an entirely natural and normal response – however, it is a negative one, as this is basically your body’s way of reacting to potentially harmful situations. Sometimes, these particular situations are real, while other times we are only imagining them. Also known as the “Fight or Flight” response, stress has been around since the dawn of civilization and it is triggered by two main chemicals (cortisol and epinephrine) that determine our body to react to the stressful situation, one way or another.

Signs The Hidden Stress Is Killing You Slowly But Surely

1. Pay Attention To The Physical And Mental Signs

One of the reasons why stress is so dangerous is because it never affects you suddenly – instead, it gradually wreaks havoc on your health, and it often happens that people are not fully aware of how serious the problem is until it is too late. This is why recognizing the effects of stress on the human body is an aspect of utmost importance.

Some of the most notable physical and mental signs of stress include a constant feeling of exhaustion (which is medically referred to as the Burnout Syndrome), twitching, nail biting, repetitive habits, insomnia or sleeping too much, major changes in appetite and such. On the other hand, stress is also known to affect your immune system, which is your body’s natural defense mechanism, thus leaving your body more vulnerable in front of viruses and bacteria.

2. Emotional Symptoms Of Stress

If you are worried that stress may slowly destroy you, then you should know that some of the most obvious emotional symptoms include low self-esteem, depression, having difficulty relaxing, feeling like you are about to lose control over your life, feeling constantly sad or frustrated, as well as significant changes in your mood and general behavior. Also, another common sign of stress (one that is usually linked to depression and anxiety) is social isolation: when subjected to tremendous amounts of stress, people tend to become less social and more willing to spend most of their time alone.

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