6 Signs You Are About To Get A Promotion At Work


5. Your Boss Invites You To Workplace Gatherings More Often Than Before

Have you received more invitations to business events and prestigious workplace gatherings than before? If so, then there are two logical explanations for this: your boss either genuinely enjoys your company and he wants to bond with you more, or he is thinking about promoting you and he slowly wants you to get accustomed with the business environment.

One thins is for sure: if you are invited to an upper-level event or conference, then this is a very strong sign that your boss has something good prepared for you, and you might finally get the promotion you have been craving for. In addition to introducing you to all the other people from the upper-level management department, your boss may also aim to help you improve your social skills – or perhaps he just wants to test and see whether you have what it takes, and if you are truly suitable for the promotion.

6. Your Boss Sends You Away For Training

This is yet another strong reason that you may be up for a promotion. Has your boss recently sent you on a training trip or to a conference you would normally not attend, simply because you are not fully qualified for it? If so, then your boss likely has big plans for you and he might want to help you train in a particular field of expertise.

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