6 Signs You Are About To Get A Promotion At Work


3. Your Boss Asks You To Train Or Supervise Your Co-Workers

This is by far one of the best signs that your boss has considered giving you a promotion or a salary raise. If your superior asks you to either keep an eye on the other staff members or even to train them on different aspects of your jobs, then he definitely sees you as some sort of a figure of authority in your niche, which is definitely a big plus when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder.

Mentoring your co-workers is one of the best things you can do at work: while it is true that this may raise a few eyebrows amongst the other staff members, who might look down on you if you are better than they are, in the end you will be the one who gets a promotion. One thing is for sure: if your superior asks you to mentor other people, do it with the same interest and dedication as before.

4. An Upper-Level Position Becomes Vacant – And You Fully Qualify For It

If you have all the necessary skills, knowledge and qualifications for an upper-level management position that has recently become vacant, then perhaps it’s time to rejoice – the chances are that you are getting a promotion. In 90% of the cases, job promotions are nothing but a matter of timing, and sometimes you need to wait for the one who already holds the position you aim for to be promoted, to quit his job (or to be fired, for that matter) or to retire, in order for it to become vacant. Any restructuring in the management department can increase your chances of getting promoted – when a position becomes vacant, you should inform your manager that you are interested in filling it, without seeming too excited about it though!

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