6 Signs You Are About To Get A Promotion At Work


  Regardless of whether you work for a small or medium-sized enterprise or for a large international corporation, the chances are that you have the same goals when it comes to your profession: you want to slowly climb the success ladder, all the way to the top. For most people, the top of the ladder represents a management position, and it is important to know how to prepare yourself for a big promotion at work. Having said that, here are some of the most obvious signs that your superiors are thinking about promoting you to a higher position, in the near future:

1. Your Boss Acknowledges All Your Professional Accomplishments

Have you started to notice that your boss becomes increasingly satisfied with your work lately, and that he or she does not miss any opportunity to give you a pat on the back and to tell you what a great job you have done? If you are being praised more than ever before, then you should expect to either get promoted to a higher position, or to get a significant salary raise – especially if this is not the first time you accomplish something big, such as signing a new contract.

If you are very productive at your workplace and you manage to stand out from the rest of your co-workers, then your superiors will definitely take that into account next time an upper-level management position becomes vacant. However, even if your boss seems more thrilled with your performance at work than ever before, don’t push it and never discuss the possibility of getting promoted!

2. Your Boss Constantly Emphasizes On Your Healthy Workplace Relationships

Although you may be tempted to think that getting a promotion is an easy thing and it all comes down to your boss signing a couple of papers, the truth is that the entire process is actually a lot more complicated than that. One of the many factors that your superiors will take into account before deciding whether or not you are ready for a promotion is the way you interact with your co-workers, at your workplace. While it is true that the aspect that weighs the most in the eyes of your boss is your performance and productivity at work, the workplace relationships are not to be neglected either.

Are you a team player? Are you the first one to help your co-workers if they have trouble completing an assignment or managing your projects? Are you the “popular one” at the office? If the answer is yet and if your boss emphasizes on the fact that you are talkative, helpful and always willing to help your co-workers, then the chances are that you are the next candidate for an upper-level job promotion. It is crucial to develop and maintain a good relationship with your current clients, your co-workers, your business associated, your supervisors as well as the members of the board.

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