6 Horrible Foods You Think Are Healthy


6. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits share the same problem as the trail mix mentioned above. Not only are they very high in sugar, but the real problem with dried fruits is the added chemical designed to prevent the actual fruits from oxidizing. Have you noticed how bananas and apples turn brown if you cut them open and leave them out for a couple of hours? That is a perfectly natural and normal process, but it does not happen with dried fruits. You can leave them out for days, and they will still look as fresh as the day you bought them. The secret lies in the sulfur dioxide, a compound that is commonly added to fruits after they have been dried, in order to prevent then from going bad. That, combined with the added sucrose will definitely do you more harm than good.

On the other hand, even if you ignore the high sugar and sulfur dioxide levels present in dried fruits, they will still not benefit you in any way. Freshly picked fruits burst with vitamins, this is why it is highly recommended to eat them raw. Most of the time, fruits tend to lose almost all their nutritional value after being dried or boiled, therefore there is no real advantage to eating dried fruits, other than the fact that they are easy to store and carry around with you.

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