6 Horrible Foods You Think Are Healthy


3. Frozen Meals

Frozen meals are very cost-effective and they can definitely help you save a lot of time and trouble – the last thing you want to do when you get home after a stressful day is to cook yourself a complex dinner, so frozen meals are an option for many of us. Although frozen dinners do not have excess saturated fats or too much added sugar, the real problem is that they are very high in sodium, which is known to promote water retention and to cause hypertension at the same time.

In addition to their high salt content, another problem with frozen meals is their nutritional value – given the fact that these foods have been cooked before, most of their valuable nutrients have been lost in the process, this is why they do not really benefit your body when it comes to micronutrients like minerals and vitamins.

4. Banana Chips

Bananas are already bad as they are, given the fact that they are very high in potassium and calories, but the deep-fried banana chips are even worse. Have you ever found yourself watching a movie and eating banana chips, thinking that they are a healthier alternative to the health-wreaking microwave popcorn? If so, then you should know that banana chips are amongst the unhealthiest and most dangerous snacks you can possibly opt for.

One small serving of banana chips contains up to 150-200 calories, and more than 10 grams of saturated fats (which are anything but good for your heart health!). The high fat content present in the banana chips can affect your health on many different levels: in addition to increasing the risk for cardiovascular disease, it also poses a risk for type 2 diabetes and high levels of bad cholesterol, which is known to thicken and to narrow the walls of your arteries.

5. Granola

For whatever reason, people seem to love granola bars, when the truth is that this ingredient is very high both in sugar and trans fats, which increase the risk for stroke and heart attack. Besides this, one small bowl of granola can have up to 600 calories, which is around 25%-30% of the total amount of calories you should consume throughout the day, this is why granola is by far not the most diet-friendly ingredient you can opt for. However, if you do love a good, fiber-rich breakfast, then at least make sure to opt for sugarfree granola (and make sure to read the label as well!).

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