6 Horrible Foods You Think Are Healthy


Just because some foods look or sound healthy, this does not mean they necessarily are, or that you should include them in your diet if you have decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It often happens that nowadays, we go to the local store and supermarket looking for the foods we once thought to be healthy, only to realize that extra sugar and chemicals have been added in order to make them taste better and to expand their shelf life. This is why it is essential to carefully read all the labels before buying these foods, and here are some of the foods that you may consider healthy, but that are actually quite the opposite:

1. Prepared Salads

Salads are great, as long as you prepare them at home, in your own kitchen, with freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Prepared salads usually contain all sorts of dressings and added ingredients that have more sugar than the salad itself – and what is the point in eating a salad, if it ends up having more calories than a burger and more sugar than a large class of Cola?

Generally speaking, salads are extremely healthy: bursting with vitamins and minerals, low in calories and in fats, salads are your best allies if you are trying to live a healthy life, and nobody can tell otherwise. However, prepared salads tend to be drowned in extra oils and fats, as well as cheese and mayonnaise, the latter being by far the worst ingredients you can possibly add to a salad.

2. Trail Mix

Trail mix is undoubtedly very convenient from several points of view. Cost-effective, lightweight and compact, trail mix can serve as a great snack when you are on the go. However, this mix that you may consider to be healthy is actually very high in calories, especially if it contains chocolate and extra nuts. The real problem with the trail mix is the fact that most of the pieces, like the raisins, are candy coated to make them taste sweeter. This is why one small serving of trail mix can easily sum up to 600 calories, which is a major problem if you plan to lose some weight (not to mention all the unnecessary refined carbohydrates and trans fats that come with the package).

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