8 Signs Your IQ Is Lower Than Average


7. Other General Signs Of A Lower IQ Than Average

Just because your IQ is slightly under 80, this does not mean you are necessarily intellectually disabled. It often happens that these people have suboptimal life choices, they are generally less informed and less interested in culture, history and fine arts, and they have a tendency towards blinder belief, generally speaking. Moreover, these people also have a greater belief in the unproven, as well as in conspiracy theories and other aspects that are widely considered absurd or far-fetched. They are not interested in explaining a phenomenon logically and they often display a considerably lower degree of what is referred to as “intellectual curiosity” than most people.

8. A General Lack Of Curiosity

Although this is not exactly the most reliable or trustworthy sign of a lower IQ than average, it has been proven that people with a lower IQ are generally less curious and interested to find out new things. It often happens that intelligent individuals are highly curious and always willing to expand their cultural horizons as well as to improve their set of skills – on the other hand, unintelligent people display little to no interest in this. This lack of curiosity amongst people with a lower IQ than the average is generally a global one, not a specific one: if a person is not interested in a certain topic, such as politics, finances, geography or history, this does not mean that he is unintelligent.

The Bottom Line

To sum it all up, IQ tests are not always the most reliable tools one can use to determine their intelligence or emotional quotient, and IQ is a highly relative thing. The signs and symptoms described above tend to be the most commonly displayed ones by those who have a lower intelligence quotient than average, but they are by no means intended to serve as guidelines or as definite proof that one’s IQ is not satisfactory.

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