8 Signs Your IQ Is Lower Than Average


3. You Simply Cannot Explain Yourself

It has happened to all of us at least once to be at a loss of words – literally. Sometimes, describing our feelings or thoughts can be a rather complicated thing, but if this happens on a regular basis and you find yourself unable to explain what you think or feel, then the chances are that your IQ is slightly lower than average. Also, same applies to those who are not able to have complex conversations on a variety of topics, for an extended period of time. People with low IQ are generally easily bored and uninterested in anything that requires them to think too much or to acquire more self-awareness.

4. You Have A Hard Time Understanding Things

This can apply to regular jokes, books, movie plots, documentaries and everything else. If you have a difficult time understanding things that other people understand in an instant (and if this does not happen only occasionally), then your IQ may be lower than the average.

5. Signs Of Moderate Intellectual Disability

Those with moderate intellectual disability typically score under 50 on IQ tests, and they display noticeable delays in bodily responses and particularly in the way they speak. Also, it is not uncommon for those who suffer from moderate intellectual disability to display unusual physical signs, to be unable to learn complex communication skills or to perform complex tasks without the supervision of others.

6. Other Signs Of Intellectual Disability

People who score under 20-30 on IQ tests are usually considered individuals with severe to profound intellectual disability. These people have little to no communication skills, they can hardly be trained in simple self-care tasks and they can hardly be taught various daily routines and repetitive activities. Most of the time, they need close supervision and they require attendant care as well.

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