5 Vegetables You Should Never Eat

3. Potatoes

Although French fries and mashed potatoes may taste good, then truth is that this starchy vegetable can quickly cause blood sugar spikes, which is particularly dangerous if you are predisposed to diabetes. One medium-sized potato contains up to three grams of sugar, which makes potatoes at least as dangerous as beets – if you are looking for a great and versatile side dish to replace the potatoes and you do not want to make any compromise in terms of taste, then you should definitely consider cauliflower.

Just like all the other cruciferous veggies out there, cauliflower is known to be rich in a natural cancer-preventing compound (indole 3-carbinol). Besides this, you can cook it in many different ways, and it goes perfectly with most main courses, not to mention that cauliflower is also an excellent source of fiber that unlike potatoes (which are amongst the worst vegetables you can eat if you are on a diet), will not cause your blood sugar levels to go through the roof, neither will they make you feel hungry anytime soon!
4. Eggplants

It is true that eggplants do have some health benefits that should not be neglected but, on the other hand, are you aware of all their downsides as well? Part of the same veggie family as potatoes and tomatoes, eggplants can trigger some severe allergic reaction. A study that was released by the ICFRI (India’s Central Food Research Institute) has revealed the fact that eggplants are rather dangerous for those who are sensitive to many common allergens, and they can make them feel nauseous and trigger extensive body rashes, swelling and itchiness.

Moreover, another less known fact about eggplants is that they have a very high concentration of nicotine, this being the same compound that is found in tobacco and, ultimately, in cigarettes. The New England Journal of Medicine has released a study back in 1993, according to which eggplants contain the highest amount of nicotinic acid of all the commonly consumed veggies.

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