7 Weirdest Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Throughout the centuries, people have tried all sorts of diets, in the quest for the perfect physique – some of them resorted to unusual foods, such as kangaroo meat or different fruit purees for children, while others have taken their obsession for the perfect waist a mile further and have tries swallowing cotton balls or even tapeworm eggs. One thing is for sure: no weight loss diet is entirely safe unless it involves a healthy and balanced diet combined with regular physical exercise. From the famous Master Cleanse diet to the Cabbage Soup-based diet, there are countless unusual foods that you can use to lose weight quickly – but at your own risk. Here is a closer look at some of the weirdest foods people resort to, for weight loss purposes:

1. Kangaroo Meat

There is an entire diet based on the consumption of kangaroo meat, and it is called Kangatarianism. The diet excludes any other type of meet, apart from the kangaroo meat, which many consider to be the most eco-friendly one available. Thousands of people in Australia rely on Kangatarianism to achieve their fitness goals for a series of reasons: some claim that it is very low in calories and rich in animal proteins, others say that it is even tastier than chicken, while other people claim that kangaroos are less destructive than cattle and they produce considerably lower levels of greenhouse gas, as opposed to pigs or cows. Regardless of the reason why they resort to kangaroo meat alone, one thing s for sure: it is far from being as fatty as pork!

2. Beer And Sausages

This may seem as one of the most awkward diets out there, and the truth is that it is. We have all heard many men complaining about their unsightly “beer belly”, therefore it is perfectly normal to ask yourself: how could one possibly lose weight, under these circumstances? It seems that you can really lose weight on a diet that is based entirely on beer and sausage, for a month, provided that you limit your daily calorie intake to no more than 1500 calories a day. Nonetheless, you must know that by doing so, you will slowly deplete your body of a series of precious nutrients.

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