7 Reasons Why You Are Not And Will Never Be Rich


3. You Are Not A Smart Shopper

You would be amazed to see just how much money you spend on fees and other taxes, on a monthly basis. From credit card and banking fees to late fees, every company is trying to “get a slice” of your monthly income. If you are the type who always pays late fees, penalties and other similar charges, then do not expect to get rich in the near future. You may be tempted to think that these fees are irrelevant and that you cannot build an empire by saving several hundred dollars a month in fees, but the truth is that it is more a matter of mindset, than a matter of money.

4. You Always Complain Yet You Never Do Anything To Achieve Wealth

Unfortunately, this is a common personality trait among people who want to get rich and who fail to do so – if you have repeatedly tried to make a name for yourself and you simply cannot get a hold of it, then frustration does get to you eventually. We all know the saying “Good things come to those who wait”, but the truth is that good things only come to those who work hard enough to get them. Complaining about your financial situation will not get you anywhere: instead of trying to make other people feel sorry for you, you should start looking for a way to make more money. Take responsibility for your situation and do not expect anybody else to pity you or to give you a helping hand – that is not how a true winner thinks!

5. You Lack Long-Term Vision

Another reason why you fail to become rich is that you “carpe diem” – you live the moment, and you totally forget about tomorrow. You cannot possibly become successful unless you think long-term. All the successful investors and business people think about what will happen in the next two to three years or so, and they never expect their investment to pay off over the night.

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