Are You A Terrible Person? You Most Likely Are


7. You Don’t Know How To Listen

Poor listeners are really annoying – they are the type of person who always wants a shoulder to cry on when life gets hard, yet who would never sit down and listen to their friends when they go through rough times. Nobody likes poor listeners who always try to switch the focus to themselves: you cannot just expect other people to listen to you and be bothered by the fact that they try to do the same sometimes.

8. You Always Blame Others, Never Yourself

Have you noticed that whenever you fail at something, you always blame other people but you never think about what you might have done to cause the failure? This is yet another sign that you may be a terrible person!

9. You’re Envious And You Are Never Happy For Your Friends

Envy is undoubtedly one of the most destructive things in a friendship, this is why you should steer clear from it. Envy slowly eats you from inside out, and although you may not even realize that you envy your friends for their success, their personal or professional achievements or simply for the way they enjoy life, you will eventually break down and let it all out.

On the other hand, if you are never happy for your friends, then you might as well be a horrible person. Pretending to rejoice the fact that your best friend got a promotion or met somebody interesting will not get you very far – if you are not genuinely happy for your friends, then you should not even try to fake it. People can usually tell very quickly when somebody does that, and it will only do you more harm than good!

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