Are You A Terrible Person? You Most Likely Are


4. You Are Always Negative And Pessimistic

If there is one thing that is worse than playing the victim card, that is having a pessimistic and negative view on life. Nobody likes negative people, and you have to be a mentally strong person to be able to put up with a genuine pessimist. Many people call pessimists “energetic vampires”, and for a good reason given the fact that they simply suck out all your energy. They often drag you down with them and they want you to share their misery, and they usually do this without even acknowledging it. Nothing good will ever come out of associating yourself with a negative person who always sees the empty part of the glass, and positive things will only start to happen to you when you slowly distance yourself from these people.

5. You Are Selfish And Self-Centered

Many people would agree upon the fact that being slightly selfish is part of human nature, but when you push your selfishness to the next level and you become a very self-centered person, then you have a problem. The world does not revolve around you, and people do not like to associate themselves with people whose interests, goals and passions are limited to their own being.

6. You Discredit Other People’s Abilities And Dreams

This is yet another sign that you are a terrible person. Are you the type of person who always tries to bring people down and to feel them useless, unworthy and miserable? Do you often tend to discredit the abilities, dreams and goals of your friends, telling them that they are unachievable or that they simply do not have what it takes to succeed? If so, then you might want to reconsider your attitude, as nobody is willing to be around a person who never has anything good to say. You are not being “realistic” when you discredit their dreams and abilities – instead, this often shows your own frustrations. Try to look beyond the mental or physical limitations of other people, keep an open mind and avoid assuming things.

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