Are You A Terrible Person? You Most Likely Are


Are You A Terrible Person? You Most Likely Are – Here Are The Signs!

Have you ever wondered how do other people see you, and whether you are a good person or a horrible one in their eyes? As human beings, It is in our nature to classify and to “tag” people when we meet them, and we often do this unconsciously based on our subjective, biased perception. Here are some of the most common traits of a truly terrible person!

1. You Always Play The Victim Card

If you never miss a good opportunity to play the victim card and to complain about how misfortunate you are, then the chances are that you are the type of terrible person everybody prefers to stay away from. Everybody goes through rough times, and we all have our ups and downs – however, if you always ask your friends or family for advice or help yet ultimately you still do what you want, then you are a really terrible person. Nobody likes to play the therapist, and if they do, they would certainly like you to follow their advices, as opposed to accepting only your personal point of view.

2. You Are The Bragging Type

There are two types of bragging, and both are equally bad: the obvious, straightforward bragging, and the humble bragging where you expect others to give you a pat on the back and to constantly reassure you that you are doing the right thing (and you often get mad when they do not do so). If you are doing great in life, then good for you – you can point that out every now and then, but doing it on a regular basis really pushes people away, especially those who are really struggling to make a reputation for themselves and who have a hard time doing so.

3. You Are The Opportunistic Type

This is one of the worst character traits a human being can have – nobody likes opportunists, but unfortunately the chances are that we have all dealt with at least one person like this throughout the course of our lives. If you are the type of person who likes to use their friends’ car, home or connections to get what he wants, then you are most likely the opportunistic type. If your friends have not told you yet just how much this bothers them, then do not push it – they will, eventually.

Borrowing items or money from friends is a normal thing to do, especially if your friendship is an old and solid one, but borrowing things that you never plan on returning (or that you return damaged) is definitely not something a good person would ever do. Same goes with favors: if you always ask other people for favors yet you never return them, then you most likely are a terrible person and you should do something about that!

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